Leveraging 18 years of research expertise

A short overview of our path to becoming AViD Insight

We hosted our first focus groups for retailers in an effort to help CPG companies make better products.


We established our own consumer panel to gain more accurate insights into consumer thinking and habits.


We launched our online qualitative and quantitative capabilities.


We rebranded as AViD Insight and introduced our web-based dashboard.


We developed our AI-backed iQ Engine


We partnered with you and elevated your business to dazzling new heights!


Our Core Values

Our purpose is to add value

When we make a difference in the daily lives of our customers, we know that we are adding value. This is the inspiring force that drives us to give our best every day. 

We step up when you need us

We are never afraid to roll up our sleeves and do what needs to be done to get the results our customers want to see. When challenges arise, we rise higher. 

Transparency is our top priority

Mystery is a great inclusion in a novel, less so in a business decision. We are committed to radical transparency in order to ensure that our customers stay informed and in the loop at all times. 

Experience is everything

Experience is our superpower and we have vowed to use it for good. Our team of experts utilize their know-how on a daily basis to tackle business obstacles and facilitate successful outcomes. 

It's all about the people

Although we utilize ground-breaking AI technology, we are still just a group of humans helping other humans. We take pride in our humanity and use it to make sure our customers feel respected, heard and seen.