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Happy customers are vital to the health of your business. Measure, understand and improve your customer experience to drive profit and make your business healthier! And our team of experienced market researchers are with you every step of the way.

Understand Employee “Health”

Easily monitor employee engagement and satisfaction. Understand what is important and what you need to improve to keep employees from leaving.

Text Analysis

Discover what your employees care about and what you need to improve. Leveraging sentiment analysis and text analytics, you can easily view the most popular topics, keywords and phrases. Filter by HealthID, age,gender or employee segment - or let us notify you of the most important insights automatically.

Businesses see a 22% rise in profits when their employees are engaged.

Leverage the power of our revolutionary HEALTHiD Score to track employee engagement and get the anonymous feedback you need.

Benefits of choosing EMPLOYEEhealth include:


No more need for outdated employee surveys that leave you with stacks of unusable data.


Get the truth by ensuring that employee feedback is 100% anonymous and untraceable.


Implement the fixes that will enable your employees to work more efficiently.


Show your employees that their concerns matter to you and that they are being heard.

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