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Included in all of our products, our science-backed HealthID Score is proven to be a better indication of company health than the NPS score alone. Measuring every aspect of the customer and employee experience, HealthID is the only indicator you need to measure your company’s overall performance.

Based on a 0 to 100 scale, HealthID is a simple-to-understand metric that measures the satisfaction, experience and loyalty of customers and employees.

Satisfaction + Loyalty + Likelihood to Recommend

iQ Engine

Our proprietary iQ Engine identifies the key drivers of business health and adapts to your business’s needs. The AI technology that powers our iQ Engine automatically identifies what drives customer and employee satisfaction, providing specific recommendations to increase engagement and improve business “health”.

Social Listening

Make use of Social Listening to tap into popular online review and social sites where customers and employees talk about their favorite brands. We embed these social stories alongside other experience data, enabling us to alert and report on third-party data for a broader view of how people feel about your brand.

Natural Language Search

Type questions using plain English and easily find the answers. Our unique Machine Learning technology improves the more you use it. So, go ahead and ask what’s on your mind!

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